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BakBalls – Black (Firm)

BakBalls – Black (Firm)




Product Descriptions

BakBalls are a self-treatment device that allow you to easily and effectively relieve back and neck pain. Lightweight and portable, BakBalls are ideal for use at home, in the office, in the car, or on a plane.

BakBalls black firm is recommended for those who are ready to progress from regular red BakBalls after 3-6 months of use, or prefer strong manual treatments and massages.

BakBalls can be used to relieve back and neck pain by lying on them on the floor or leaning against them while sitting in a chair. BakBalls unique patented design exerts localised pressure directly onto stiff painful joints and tight muscles, replicating a Physiotherapy treatment. Using BakBalls daily can help prevent back pain in the long term by assisting you to achieve and maintain more ideal sitting and standing postures.

BakBalls can also be used to relieve pain and tightness in the shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, ITBs, calves and plantar fascias. The videos below demonstrate how to use BakBalls safely in each of these areas.