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Microdesk Compact

Microdesk Compact




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Product Descriptions

Designed to be used with sit stand workstations with keyboard trays like the Workfit TL and Varidesk.

An even height at both the front and rear now allows the Microdesk to drop down onto the keyboard tray, creating a central, sturdy elevated writing platform that improves working posture and adds usable desk space whether sitting or standing.

Simply slot the Step sides into either the regular or compact models and place the longer legs at the front of the platform.

You are now in a posture much more suited to working with paperwork, a smart phone, calculator or tablet.

The Microdesk Step can also be used on a regular flat desk to provide a lower rear Microdesk height.

This is great for shorter people with low screens or oversized monitors.

Sales of sit-to-stand units from U.S companies such as Ergotron and Varidesk are increasing as people seek a cost effective way to stand and work. But do their fixed keyboard tray configurations ensure an optimised working posture?

Microdesk has developed a tailor made solution to this issue with the addition of the Step’ sides, which improve posture and add usable desk space, whether sitting or standing.

Microdesk Compact Step Dimensions Width: 430mm Depth: 310mm

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