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Microdesk Regular

Microdesk Regular




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Product Descriptions

The ultimate solution when you need to refer to documents as you work on your computer is the Microdesk.

You can adjust the Microdesk height and angle by simply using the screw-in feet. No tools are needed at all!

2 ledges of different heights are included with the Microdesk so you can use the one which suits which documents you are referring to. It also includes a magnetic line guide, which is invaluable when transcribing.

A smaller version called the Microdesk Compact is also available and is ideal for laptops.

A version called the Microdesk Step is also available and is ideal when a keyboard drawer is used.

Microdesk Dimensions: Width – 560mm, Depth – 310mm

Microdesk Height Adjustment: Front: 80-90mm, Back: 158mm – 185mm

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