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Caldera – Neck Rest – Size: Regular

Caldera – Neck Rest – Size: Regular




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Product Descriptions

Reduces neck and shoulder tension
Allows you to work comfortably on the computer
Features an adjustable contour fit
Lightweight and flexible
Easy to carry and pack in luggage
Practical and convenient
Comfortable and stylish
Multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of activities, including while traveling, reading, sleeping upright, and watching TV
Releaf neck rests are made of polyurethane covered with nylon/spandex

Are you tired of suffering from neck and shoulder tension every time you travel or use a computer? Releaf is an innovative, patented neck rest that provides a delightful lifting sensation by temporarily supporting the weight of your head.

When your head remains in a static posture for a prolonged period of time, your neck and shoulder muscles often become tense. This happens because your neck and shoulder muscles are exerting extra effort to counteract gravity’s pull and keep your head upright.

This muscle tension is often further compounded by improper posture. For example, continuously and habitually craning your neck forward (common during computer use) or sleeping with a crooked neck (common during travel) will often lead to neck and shoulder tension and pain.

How does Releaf work?

Releaf keeps your head and neck in good posture by supporting your head’s weight (which can be up to 12 pounds) allowing your neck and shoulder muscles to relax.

Releaf incorporates a patented flex-tension response that acts like a built-in spring to provide proper support for your head. This unique feature also allows Releaf to conform to the shape of your neck for a comfortable fit.

To determine the size that is right for you measure at the narrowest part of your neck.